Brewery Merchandise at the Festival

GABF Merch

2017 merchandise registration has closed. 

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) sells brewery merchandise on consignment at the Brewers Association Merchandise Booth located at the front of the festival hall. The merchandise program is open to all breweries participating in Great American Beer Festival, but space is limited.

All brewery merchandise is displayed and sold at the GABF merchandise booth; no merchandise can be sold at brewery booths.

Please read the following information carefully. Contact Rachel Heyne with questions.

2017 Dates and Deadlines

  • August 7th – August 28th: GABF Merchandise Registration
    • Registration will remain open until 11:59pm MST on Monday, August 28th or until capacity is reached. Please note that registration may close sooner if the maximum number of items is achieved before the deadline.
  • August 8th – September 5th: Merchandise Shipping Window
    •  Please allow one business day between the registration and shipping of your brewery’s merchandise.
    • All merchandise must be received at the Brewers Association Warehouse no later than Tuesday, September 5th, 2017.

 What to Send

  • Each brewery is limited to 3 items total.  While different sizes still only count as one [1] item, a different color counts as a second.
  • T-shirts, hats, glassware, bottle openers and key chains are welcomed and encouraged. Ladies t-shirts also tend to do very well. For any other “unique” items, please contact Rachel Heyne: 303.447.0816 x 187.
  • Sales vary tremendously. Keep in mind that your items will be competing with many others in the industry. Please send your showcase items if high sales are your goal. Shirts with designs that are easy to read often sell better. Remember, merchandise is displayed on a wall approximately 15 ft. from customers amongst many other shirts.
  • Please bring samples of the items you plan to consign to display at your beer booth. This will help to drive sales of your items. You will not be allowed to remove items out of inventory during the festival.
  • T-shirts and other items will be displayed at the merchandise booth at the discretion of Festival staff. No exceptions.
  • No merchandise will be available for pick up on site.  No merchandise will be allowed to be dropped off onsite.
  • * Please note the Brewers Association reserves the right to refuse items with inappropriate messaging.

How Much to Send

  • Each brewery is limited to 3 items total.  While different sizes still only count as one [1] item, a different color counts as a second.
  • The MINIMUM quantity of any one piece of merchandise is 12 pieces. If you have any questions or concerns on this policy, please contact Rachel Heyne: 303.447.0816 x 187.
  • Large and X-Large are the most popular T-shirt sizes. XXL is also frequently requested.
  • Recommended size run is 5:8:5 (L:XL:XXL).
  • All unsold merchandise will be returned to you within 45 days of the festival and you will be billed for shipping charges. Please be realistic with the quantities you send. Our typical recommendation is no more than 35 of a single T-shirt style. If you have questions, please contact Rachel Heyne: 303.447.0816 x 187.
  • If you have participated in the past, review your sales record to help determine quantities of items. Please call if you have questions about your sales from previous years.


  • Retail pricing is determined by each brewery, but must be in even dollar increments. The retail price should include 7.65% Colorado state sales tax. Please take this into account when pricing your items. We suggest pricing items $1 to $2 more to account for tax.
  • All merchandise is consigned with the Festival. Participating breweries receive 65% of the items’ retail price (after deducting Colorado sales tax of 7.65%, shipping costs, and a $20 handling fee). The GABF will pay for all goods sold at the Festival within 90 days of the event.
  • We suggest the following price guidelines:
Pricing Guidelines
T-shirts printed on 1 side: short sleeve $15-$20
long sleeve $17-$25
T-shirts printed 2 sides: short sleeve $16-$20
long sleeve $18-$25
Hats: $12-$17
Glassware: $4-$7, recommended price $5

Donations for GABF Volunteers

Volunteers who work at the GABF merchandise booth work very hard to sell brewery merchandise. To better compensate these volunteers, we ask each brewery to consider donating a t-shirt or hat of your choice. This is by no means mandatory, only a suggestion. If you decide to donate, please specify the donation on your completed online sales form, and include items with your shipment. Thank you for your generosity.

If you have any questions on the consignment program, please contact:

Rachel Heyne Phone: 303.447.0816 x 187 Email: