Volunteer Benefits & Opportunities

Brew Crew


Learn about the beers that are being poured. Assist brewers in serving one ounce beer samples to patrons. A high level of professionalism and a knowledge of beers being served is required.


Sales, stocking and inventory. Sales experience welcome.

Volunteer Coordination

Assist with volunteer check-in, check-out and distribution of volunteers throughout the entire venue.

Designated Driver & Information Booth

DD Volunteers will pour non-alcoholic beer and help to maintain the DD Lounge within the Exhibit Hall. Information Booth Volunteers will distribute the program guides and answer questions for our guests.

Support Your Local Brewers State Guild Pavilion

Assist Guilds and American Cheese Society as needed: pouring beer, prep and serving cheese, filling water pitchers, keeping area neat.

Beer & Food Pavilion

Pour beer and distribute food to participants, prep beer & food, cleaning and general assistance.

Brew Pub Pavilion

Pour beer, prep beer, cleaning and general assistance.

Brewers Studio Pavilion

Assist brewpubs in serving one-ounce beer samples, filling water pitchers, keeping the area neat.


2 shifts=2014 t-shirt & 2014 tasting cup

3 shifts=All of the 2 shift benefits plus one 2015 comp ticket

4 shifts=All of the 2 shift benefits plus two 2015 comp tickets

Note: All volunteers must work a minimum of two shifts.

Green Team

Green Team (Sustainability) volunteers will be responsible for educating attendees about how to ‘put waste in its place’. Volunteers will be positioned at each waste recovery station to ensure attendees are placing all compostable and recyclable materials in the correct bins. Green Team volunteers will receive training from Zero-Hero prior to their shift.


1 shift = 2014 t-shirt, 2014 tasting cup, one 2015 comp ticket

2 shifts =2014 t-shirt, 2014 tasting cup, two 2015 comp tickets

3 shifts = 2014 t-shirt, 2014 tasting cup, three 2015 comp tickets

4 shifts = 2014 t-shirt, 2014 tasting cup, four 2015 comp tickets


volunteer2 Greeters will wear “Ask Me” buttons and will answer guest questions before the doors open and after the event opens. They will offer program guides to guests waiting in line. These volunteers MUST be outgoing, cheerful, talkative, extroverted and knowledgeable about the event (this information will be offered prior to event dates).

Safety Team

Safety team volunteers are on hand as a presence rather than as a force. Maintained within the Colorado Convention Center and perimeter areas, Safety Team volunteers work with the Denver Police Department and a professional security company. They are the eyes and ears that help to keep the event safe. Please note: no sampling or tasting of beer is allowed while working on this team.

Keg/Ice Runners

Keg and Ice Runners will be assigned to one island and will move kegs and ice to and from the loading dock. These volunteers must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds and will be on their feet most of the shift. Please note: no sampling or tasting of beer is allowed while working on this team.

Greeter, Safety Team, Front Area/Lobby Benefits, Keg/Ice Runners

1 shift=2014 t-shirt, 2014 tasting cup, one 2015 comp ticket

2 shifts=All of the 1 shift benefits plus two 2015 comp tickets

3 shifts=All of the 2 shift benefits plus three 2015 tickets

4 shifts=All of the 3 shift benefits plus four 2015 tickets

Set-up and Tear-Down

All skill levels welcome! Includes both production and merchandise assistance. Hall set-up will begin on Monday, September 29th. Tear-down will take place on Sunday, October 5th.

Set-Up Benefits

Each Set-Up shift = 1 ticket (1 shift=4 hours of work)

Monday – Friday

2 shifts=Two 2014 or 2015 tickets

4 shifts=Four 2014 or 2015 tickets

6 shifts=Six 2014 or 2015 tickets

8 shifts=Eight 2014 or 2015 tickets


1 shift=One 2014 (Sat. am or pm) or 2015 ticket

Tear-Down Benefits


Each Tear-Down shift = Two tickets for 2015 (1 shift=4 hours of work)