The Great American Beer Festival Pavilions showcase some of the ways that small and independent craft beer has become a huge part of so many aspects of our lives. From the way we eat to the places we travel, craft beer enriches our experiences and connects us to the culture of new places.

The pavilions provide the perfect place to relax and hear from some of the most talented and charismatic brewers in the U.S.

Use the dropdowns below to explore the different pavilions at GABF!

Brewers Studio Pavilion

GABF Brewers Studio

Hosted by The Brewing Network

Embark on a journey with the provocative personalities and innovators of the brewing community as they share their stories and beers. Learn about the creative processes behind some of today’s most successful craft beers.

The 2019 presentation schedule will posted in July/August Pavilion

Check out the Pavilion for the ultimate beer experience at the Great American Beer Festival. The Pavilion offers a fun and interactive way to immerse yourself in the world of small and independent craft brewers.

Meet some of today’s hottest brewers and industry professionals, taste beers with professional beer judges, and more. Step into the world of, where you’ll find the perfect match between beer education and entertainment.

Sit & Sip

Skip the lines, have a seat and sip on craft beers with Join Andy Sparhawk of as he hosts some of the best-known—and under-the-radar—independent craft brewers.

The 2019 presentation schedule will posted in July/August

Protect Craft Guilds Pavilion

Protect Craft

Protect Indie Craft Beer!

Organized and active, state brewers guilds are one of the most important voices in protecting and promoting a state or region’s independently-owned, American craft breweries. At the Protect Craft Guilds Pavilion, enjoy craft beers from participating guilds as they showcase unique beers from their home states not available elsewhere in the festival hall. Learn about different states’ beer cultures, member breweries and the guilds’ initiatives.

The tentative 2019 beer list will be posted in August, cheers! 🍻

  1. Arizona Craft Brewers Guild
  2. Colorado Brewers Guild
  3. D.C. Brewers Guild
  4. Florida Brewers Guild
  5. Georgia Craft Brewers Guild
  6. Illinois Craft Brewers Guild
  7. Iowa Brewers Guild
  8. Brewers Association of Maryland
  9. Michigan Brewers Guild
  10. Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild
  11. Montana Brewers Association
  12. Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild
  13. New Mexico Brewers Guild
  14. New York State Brewers Association
  15. North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild
  16. Ohio Craft Brewers Association
  17. Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma
  18. Oregon Brewers Guild
  19. Texas Craft Brewers Guild
  20. Wisconsin Brewers Guild