MyGABF app is updated with the current year’s festival brewery list a couple of weeks prior to the festival. The beer list is posted in the app the week of the festival.

Deadlines for Updates in BreweryDB

Brewery Logo and Description

September 7, 2016

Beer Artwork and Description

September 15, 2016

Data for the App

Along with the name of the brewery and beers you registered with the Great American Beer Festival, we also publish brewery and beer logos and descriptions in the app. These logo and descriptions come from a third party source – BreweryDB.

BreweryDB is a free public database and curated by a great team of administrators. Many developers, including the Great American Beer Festival, use the database in their online and mobile apps. So it is in your brewery’s best interest to keep your beers and logos current.

Updating Your Brewery’s Information

You can update your brewery’s information at any time. If it is your first time visiting the BreweryDB website and need to create an account or claim an account you’ll find all the instructions you need on their Claim Your Brewery page.

Any other questions you may have for BreweryDB can be directed to

The Brewers Association and Great American Beer Festival does not maintain this database and can not update information for you. You will need to sign in and manage your account.

MyGABF app Deadlines

The MyGABF app development is on a schedule and will update the app with latest BreweryDB data on your brewery and beers up until the deadlines. We’ve posted deadlines for when you need to complete your updates in order to have those changes included in that year’s MyGABF app.

Due to the large number of entries into the festival we can not accommodate all requests past the deadlines to update the app.