Passport Registration

The nationwide GABF Passport program is back! From September 17 through October 17, 2021, drive craft beer lovers to your brewery by offering an exclusive deal in the GABF Passport.

How to Participate

  • Beginning June 29: Complete the $50 GABF Passport registration.
  • Offer a Deal: Choose from a list of suggestions.
  • Participate for 30 Days: Promote and honor your GABF Passport deal from Sept. 17 – Oct. 17.

What’s Included

  • GABF Passport Map Marker: Includes your brewery’s location on the interactive map.
  • GABF Passport Listing: Your brewery name, website, and your GABF Passport deal.
  • Marketing Toolkit: A social media and marketing asset toolkit to help drive sales and visits to your brewery.
  • Back of House How-To’s: Tips for managing passport redemptions.
  • Targeted Outreach: The GABF Passport will be promoted to thousands of craft beer lovers and homebrewers via the GABF and Brewers Association email and social media channels.
  • Nationwide Promotions: Including new promotions with partner Untappd and their family of brands to engage with their 9 million-plus beer lovers
  • Media Outreach: Nationwide and regional pitching to media outlets.
  • Optional Merch Program: Sell 2021 GABF commemorative glassware; details will be emailed to registered breweries.

Important Dates

  • June 29: GABF Passport brewery registration opens.
  • July: GABF Passports go on sale to the public for $20
  • August 31: GABF Passport registration and deal deadline.
  • Sept. 10: GABF Competition Awards Ceremony.
  • Sept. 17 – Oct. 17: GABF Passport deals are active and redeemable by passport holders

GABF Passport FAQ for Breweries

Q: When will the GABF Passport be active?

A: The GABF Passport program promotion will run September 17 – October 17, 2021.

Q: What is the cost to be listed in the GABF Passport?

A: The cost to register for the 2021 GABF Passport is $50.

Q: What’s required to participate in the GABF Passport?

A: From September 17 – October 17, 2021, when GABF Passport holders visit your brewery, you will honor the offer listed on the Breweries & Deals page.

Q: What type of deal should I offer in the GABF Passport?

1.) In-store discount
2.) Free taster
3.) Free giveaway item
4.) Free or discounted item with purchase (beer, merch, or other)
5.) Exclusive beer release access
6.) Online discount (beer or merch) with promo code
7.) Write-in

Q: What is included in my brewery’s $50 GABF Passport registration? Map marker and GABF Passport listing, marketing toolkit, tips for staff, targeted and media outreach, and Untappd promotion.

Q: How will my brewery be promoted?

A: Your brewery will be promoted via the GABF website, social media, national marketing, media relations, and more through October 17. The sooner you sign up, the longer your brewery will be promoted!

Q: How can I update my listing or GABF Passport deal?

A: Through September 15, your brewery can modify the GABF Passport deal via the online portal.

Q: How much is the GABF Passport?

A: Anyone 21 years or older may purchase a GABF Passport for $20.

Q: How can I manage or track GABF Passport holder redemptions?

A: Consider recording the passport number when a patron has redeemed your offer or write your brewery’s name on their sheet of paper with the date to signify they’ve redeemed the deal. The #GABF Passport relies on passport holders being honest and supportive patrons.

Q: Will there be an online or virtual festival?

A: Not this year, but the GABF competition awards ceremony livestream will be available to the public on September 10, 2021.