Cover Your Assets | Trademark Advice for Brewers - Great American Beer Festival

Cover Your Assets | Trademark Advice for Brewers

Thursday, October 5 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The craft brewing industry is more competitive than ever. With new breweries and brands being created every day, will your intellectual property be protected from the onslaught of competition?

Join Mike Drumm, founding attorney of Drumm Law and, and Charpie, brand developer at Chalk (, to discuss branding and trademark law on October 5th, 10AM, at Denver Beer Company during the week of Great American Beer Festival.

Coffee and donuts will be served at this free event as we discuss brand clearance, trademark searches and filing, logo marks versus word marks, trademark conflicts, copyrights, and getting creative with your brand and story.

Location: Denver Beer Co.
Event Type: Public
1695 Platte St

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