Adam Avery’s Cellar Sale

Friday, October 4 | 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Adam Avery loves cellaring beers, but we’re running out of room here at the brewery. So we’re raiding the vault and making these barrel-aged gold foil and green foil treasures available to you for one day only! Thank you for 27 years of beer geek loyalty, friends.


Bottle List: Coming soon!** Check our official Facebook event page for updated information. 

Payment: Cash or Credit Cards accepted.

Location: Please access the sale through the front of our brewery. You will be ID’d and then can walk through the patio area to access the sale, which is located behind the brewery.

Weather: This is an outdoor event. Please plan according to the weather forecast. We will not have tents available for shelter while waiting in line.

Line Formation: The line starts at whatever time the first person gets here and the sale will start promptly at 11:00 am. If you arrive before 11:00 am, please form a line in front of the double doors at our brewery entrance. Our warehouse team will be fulfilling your order, so please be patient as we put together your order. Feel free to go grab a beer or lunch while you wait for your order!

**Availability could change before the event and during the event. We will be keeping everyone updated on what is sold out.

Location: Avery Brewing Company
Phone: 303-440-4324
Event Type: Public
4910 Nautilus Ct. N

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