LIBERATI Tastemaker Days: Collab with Propagate Labs

Thursday, October 3 | 12:00 pm - 11:59 pm

LIBERATI invites beer aficionados and enthusiasts of all levels to scientifically taste and compare sets of unique brews at ‘Tastemaker Days’ during GABF Oct. 3 – 6.

Thanks to the collaboration with some of the world’s most prominent yeast, hops and grape growers, each day during GABF, LIBERATI will present a set of eight test beers. Each set will isolate one organoleptic characteristic of one specific ingredient (yeast, grapes, hops, etc.), while keeping all other parameters nominal. In this way the taster can fully appreciate the difference between the compared different strains of yeast used, or the different varietals of grapes, and so on.

The public is invited to taste the eight variations each day in a special flight for $16, or with single tasters for $2.50. Each day, those who participate will be entered to win a voucher for 42 house brews to be shared with friends at LIBERATI.

On Thursday, Oct. 3, LIBERATI will collaborate with Propagate Labs to showcase beers brewed with eight different strains of Kviek, the revolutionary Norwegian Farmhouse family of yeasts. These yeast cultures from Propagate Labs in Colorado have been used in traditional farmhouse brewing in Norway dating back to the early 20th century. The strains ferment in record time and at record temperatures, opening new worlds for beer production. Some strains are clean, and others are rustic providing ample opportunity for vastly different profiles across the strains. Examples of the yeasts that will be used include Aurland, a yeast found dried in a storehouse on Per Stundal’s farm, which produces an unusual yet pleasant fruity flavor, and Hornidal, a yeast which was obtained by Terje Raftevold from Olav Sverre Gausemel in the 1990s and has a soft milky caramel flavor with musky, mushroom and tropical notes.

Location: LIBERATI restaurant & brewery
Event Type: Public
2403 Champa St

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