Pretzel Necklace and Beer tapping #CraftTrifecta @ Strange Craft

Thursday, September 20 | 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

You know it’s going to happen, you plan to take your drinking easy and enjoy all that GABF has to offer but inevitably that fade creeps up on you. That’s when you look down and see that array of foodies around your neck and you say to yourself, “thank gawd I stopped at Strange Craft and made this sweet neck buffet!” #strangesavestheday $10 gets you a beer to drink while you craft your own GABF pretzel necklace. We provide the snacks and the string and the beer. Come pre-game with us a that the taproom! The grills in the Biergarten will be fired up as well, so bring your picnic and cook up a meal before hitting the Festival. We are also releasing two very special Wits End Beers, Jean Claude van Brett aged in brett wine barrels and the Get Your Kvass to Mars aged in none other than the one & only Squarrel Barrel.

Location: Strange Craft Brewing Co.
Phone: 720-985-2337
Event Type: Public
1330 Zuni St. Unit M

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