Stranded Pilgrim & 4 Noses Rare Beer Tapping @ Denver Milk Market

Wednesday, September 19 | 5:00 pm

We are hosting a 5 day event at the Stranded Pilgrim inside Denver Milk Market. We are selling 30 $5 dollar tickets for a VIP experience. Your ticket gets you in 30 minutes early and covers your beer. Be one of the bold one of the first to get a taste of the Rarest of the Rare. The event continues all night and you can sample from our 20 taps featuring only Colorado Breweries 10 Taps Are Exclusive To Stranded Pilgrim.


Wednesday Feature Brewery: 4 Noses

Chardonnale” – We start with a pilsner malt base, with a small amount of hops. From there, we use a similar brewing process to Bubblin’ Brut IPA that creates a very dry finish then ferment it with a large quantity of chardonnay grape must. Fermentation is done completely with wine yeast, at a low temperature, extending the fermentation process out to over 2 months. 

The end result is a crisp, effervescent beer that has aromatics, flavors and a mouth feel more akin to a dry sparkling wine from the Napa Valley or Blanc de Blanc champagne. 11.1% ABV

Location: Stranded Pilgrim @ Denver Milk Market
Phone: (303) 792-8242
Event Type: Public
1800 Wazee St.

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