The MyGABF app with beer

The 2022 MyGABF App is Here!

Plan your festival experience! Discover new breweries, find your fav beers, track down breweries, and take a beer tour!

MyGABF helps you navigate the festival like a total pro:

  • Beer Tours let you sample beers by style and first time breweries at the festival
  • My Beers keeps track of all the beers you rated or tasted at the festival
  • My Brewery creates a list of your favorite breweries by section to help you plan your festival beer tour
  • Save Your Favs when you sign in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google
  • Festival maps with visual indicators that show breweries from My Breweries tab
  • Extra Info (the … button) Provides quick access to festival maps, onsite event schedules, exhibitors, and more!

The PWA is best viewed in Safari for iOS users, and Chrome for Android users.

App Beer Tours

Choose from 19 Beer Tours organized by beer styles you love or try a new adventure:

  • First Draught: These breweries are new to the festival, but not necessarily new to brewing. Welcome them to GABF with a high five!
  • Dark Side of the Brew: Porters, Stouts, Brown and Black Ales
  • Rye of the Tiger: Rye, Herb, and Spice Beers
  • Unicorn Beers! We will surprise you with something AMAZING!
  • Hip Hops Hooray! American and English-Style India Pale Ales
  • I’ll Be Bock: Bock, Maibock, Doppelbock, and Eisbock Lagers
  • Grain of Thrones: Scotch, Old, Strong and Barley Wine Ales
  • Session-Me Street: Mild Ale, Session, Kölsch Beers
  • Dark Vader: Dunkel, Schwarzbier, Baltic-Style Porter and Dark Lagers
  • Roy-ALE Flush: Bitter, Altbier, Red, Amber, Summer and Golden Ales
  • Tuity Fruity: Fruit and Fruit Wheat Beers
  • Wheat Your Whistle: American and German-Style Wheat Beers
  • The Im-PALE-er: Pale Ales and Strong Pale Ales
  • Monkin’ Around: Belgian-Style Ales
  • Barrel of Fun: Wood and Barrel-aged Beers
  • Hopness Monsters: Fresh Hop, Imperial India Pale and Imperial Red Ales
  • Sour Puss: Sour Ales and Lambics
  • No Gluten For You: It’s Gluten-Free Beer…BAM!
  • Pro-Am: Pro-Am entries are brewed by professional craft brewers based on award-winning homebrew recipes from American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members. Homebrew recipes are scaled up and brewed at a craft brewer for submission into the competition.


Is MyGABF an App?

Technically, it’s a progressive web app (PWA). It’s a browser-based website that functions like an app. You don’t download anything from the app store. From your mobile phone, just go to and add/bookmark the site to your home screen.

If I have my app saved from the last event (2019), will it work this year?

No, because progressive web apps receive performance improvements each year, you will need to delete and re-save the shortcut to your home screen again.

I have my app saved from last year, why do I get a blank screen when I look at it this year?

There have been configuration updates made to the app, so a fresh reinstall will be needed to retrieve the latest version.

Can I delete the MyGABF 2018 app/previous versions that I downloaded from the App or Google Play store, or the 2019 version of the PWA saved to my home screen?

Yes! Please delete them because the 2018 apps are no longer functional, and the 2019 version of MyGABF has been updated with new functions like Search and auto-updating.

I recently saved MyGABF to my home screen, but I’m only seeing a white screen when I open it up?

It sounds like there was an update made to MyGABF since you downloaded it. As long as you have signed in to Facebook, Google or Twitter, you can remove that older version and re-save it to your home screen. Just be sure to log in again to retrieve all of your saved information.

Where did my old data go?

In the transition from a native mobile app to a progressive web app (PWA), there were some functions like old brewery and beer information that weren’t carried over. We hope to include that function in future versions of!

Can I still save my data?

Yes! You can sign in to using your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account (you will have to log in with your username and password for those respective accounts). Signing in allows you to save breweries you want to visit and rate beers you’ve tried. You can sign in from any device to retrieve your information. Want the deets? Learn more in the “…” tab in the lower-right corner.

How can I access the data in MyGABF if I have spotty data coverage?

View from your browser before the event. Data will get cached and can be viewed without an internet connection.

I’m having trouble with the app?

We recommend accessing and using from your mobile phone’s browser window. Be sure to log in through a social channel to ensure your list of saved breweries and beer notes can be accessed at a later time. As a last resort, you can clear your browser cache via your phone settings or try popping open a different browser (Safari or Chrome). The PWA is best viewed in Safari for iOS users, and Chrome for Android users.

Will I have to do anything to get the “app” next year in 2023?

Because progressive web apps receive performance improvements each year, along with new features we’ll be adding to the MyGABF experience, you will likely need to re-save the PWA to your home screen in future years.

Why won’t my Beers/Breweries list update?

You likely have a bad internet connection. Make sure you’re in a place with clear reception and refresh your page/reopen the PWA.

I heard that a brewery was being added to the festival. Will they now be showing up in my brewery list, or do I need to do anything to add them to my saved list?

As long as you are connected to the internet, MyGABF will be updated with new breweries and beers automatically.