Confirmations and Shipping

Download Your Brewers Guide to Registering (PDF)

All information in the PDF is also available on this site.

2015 Confirmation of Entries

Competition Entries

After registering your beers during the June 18 – July 2 beer registration window, you will confirm your entries online, immediately at the end of the beer registration process. Please review the confirmation page very closely to ensure that all of the information is correct. Spelling and capitalization counts! Once you sign off, this information is used for the competition details, festival program and festival banner.

If any information is incorrect, follow the on-screen directions to make changes.

You may change beer entries at this time, but only into categories that have not closed. Please contact Chris Williams at 720-473-7671 or to confirm there is space in your desired category before making changes.


Confirmation of Festival Beer Information (for applicable breweries)

A similar confirmation page will be shown for those who complete the festival booth and beer registration process. Be sure to review this information as well ensure the most accurate information on all festival materials.


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2015 Shipping Your Competition Beers

Amount to Ship per Beer: Provide at least six 12-ounce containers, four 22-ounce containers, OR the equivalent of 72 ounces for each brand entered (growlers are not recommended). Regardless of size, send a minimum of four containers of each brand being judged. Entries submitted with less than the requested quantity of beer may not be judged.

  • Containers sent for the judging panel cannot be returned (coolers, etc.)
  • NEW: Pre-printed competition labels will not be mailed this year. Please create your own label, ensuring that the following information is included for judging.
    • Brewery Name
    • Beer Name
    • GABF category number (and subcategory letter, if applicable) and name.
    • This information should match your original registration.
  • A sample label may be viewed here. You may also request a digital version of your competition labels by emailing Chris Williams at
  • Label your bottles correctly. GABF is not responsible for bottles that are mislabeled and cannot guarantee that mislabeled bottles will be judged correctly.
  • Do not change categories from your original registration!

Competition beers must be shipped separately from your festival beers, as festival beers will need to be sent to your preferred keg/case drop off point, and competition beers are due to Denver in August.

Where to send Competition Entries (bottles/cans ONLY)

  • C. R. Goodman Companies
  • Attn: 2015 GABF
  • 14402 East 33rd Place
  • Aurora, CO 80011

Competition entries must be received between August 10 and 14. Late entries are not accepted. Last minute brand changes or late entries cause handling problems and database inaccuracies, and these requests are unfair to your fellow competitors.

The GABF is not responsible for any aspect of judging or beer handling for entries that arrive with unapproved brand changes. If you have any shipping issues, please contact Bradley Latham at 720-473-7672 or

All regulatory and financial burdens associated with submitting samples to the Great American Beer Festival are the sole responsibility of the entering brewery. C.O.D shipments will not be accepted.

Competition Entries Not Shipped

If you decide to not ship one or more of your competition entries, PLEASE notify us. Entries not shipped are a common cause of handling errors for your other entries.

Please see the refund policy if you decide not to ship any entered beers.

Guidelines for Packing & Shipping Competition Entries

Pack competition entries extremely well to avoid breakage during shipping. Each year we receive entries destroyed due to poor packaging. If poorly packaged samples break and replacement samples do not arrive prior to the deadline, these beers may not be judged. No entry fees are refunded due to poor packaging. Additional shipping costs due to breakage are the sole responsibility of the brewery.

  • If possible, wrap each bottle individually in bubble wrap.
  • Place all bottles standing upright in the shipping container. All bottles should be placed in the same direction (tops up) and should be separated with cardboard.
  • Fill the shipping container to the top with packaging material (bubble wrap preferred). If you must use packing peanuts, put them in plastic bags.
  • Wrap the original box in a plastic bag (to avoid possible leakage that will prevent beers from being delivered) and then place the box, with bottle tops pointing up, in a strong cardboard shipping box.
  • Make sure EVERY bottle from any single beer entry is shipped in the same box. In other words, do not put some of your bottles for a certain entry in one box, and the rest of the bottles for that entry in a different box.
    • If you do plan to separate shipments for your competition entries, please email or
  • Shipping containers (such as coolers, etc.) are not returned to the brewery.
  • Some brewers have found that setting up a shipping courier to pick up the package from your place of business works better than taking it to a local shipping office.
  • Please do not use the United States Postal Service (USPS). FedEx, UPS, and private couriers work well, and freight companies work best.

Volunteer Swag & Beer: please consider sending extra beer or brewery swag to donate to the sorting volunteers who work many hours in the cooler sorting the beers into the competition’s various categories.

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2015 Festival Beer Shipment & the Microstar Keg Program

Please read this section very carefully and direct questions to Bradley Latham at 720-473-7672 or

Download a No Charge Invoice

You may also download all Festival Case labels or special event beer labels here

Beer may only be received in the following ways:

  • Kegs – You may send your own kegs for the festival or have the GABF ship kegs to you via MicroStar Keg Management. See below for full details on using MicroStar kegs for the festival.

If sending your own kegs, the GABF only accepts beer sent in stainless steel or single use plastic kegs. No exceptions. Kegs must be picked up from the Colorado Convention Center on Sunday, October 5 before 2:00 pm. The GABF is not responsible for any kegs left after this time.

  •  Bottles or Cans – Deliver a minimum of 10 cases of each brand in bottles or cans to your collection point for shipment to Denver. Your local distributor may also deliver your beer to the C.R. Goodman warehouse in Denver during the delivery window.

The Microstar Keg System (Recommended)

Breweries may choose to have Microstar Keg Management ship kegs directly to your brewery to fill with your festival beers. This saves you from having to use your current inventory. If you choose to use the Microstar program, here the details for participating:

  • You will receive 2 – 1/6 barrel kegs for every brand you are sending for the festival.
  • If your brewery has previously run out of beer at the festival, you may request additional kegs by emailing Bradley Latham at by July 28. This will only affect a very limited number of breweries as past festivals have shown 2 – 1/6 barrel kegs is adequate for 90% of participating breweries.
  • Current Microstar clients should use their existing inventory and will receive credit from MicroStar for the kegs sent to the festival.
  • For existing MicroStar clients, please send no more than one ½ barrel per brand unless you historically run out of beer.

If Sending Your Own Kegs

The GABF only accepts kegs that are refillable stainless steel or single use plastic. If you have any questions about acceptable kegs at the festival, please email Bradley Latham:

Looking for ways to save money on shipping?

Breweries may consolidate shipments when sending competition beers. Many breweries are coordinating the shipment of competition beers.This saves time and money! Consider contacting your local guild to discuss the option of palletizing your competition entries, and shipping them together via freight. A list of participating breweries can be found at if you’d like to coordinate with others.

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