Awards Ceremony

Friday, October 15, 2021, at 11:00 am MT

The Fresh Hop Beer category winners for the 2021 GABF competition will be announced via livestream.

Watch the Fresh Hop Awards on Oct. 15

Why the delay in announcing winners in this category?

2021 GABF competition judging took place prior to hop harvest. We chose to conduct Fresh Hop Beer judging separately in October rather than eliminating this popular category.

“The Fresh Hop Beer category continues to grow each year along with drinker and brewer interest,” said Chris Swersey, GABF competition director. “These seasonal beers celebrate fall harvest, and the flavor experience is truly special, showcasing aromas and flavors that hallmarks of different hop varieties, and which are only found in fresh-off-the-bine hops.”

The 2021 Great American Beer Festival competition awards ceremony took place during the Craft Brewers Conference on Friday, Sept. 10.

Replay the 2021 ceremony livestream courtesy of The Brewing Network.