Festival Move-In and Move-Out


Load In Time:  Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm for all in-line (non-endcap/sponsor) breweries.

Bringing smaller items? If you are bringing smaller items like banners, small boxes, promotional materials, etc. with you to the festival (anything you can hand carry in one trip) can be carried in through the Brewers Registration entrance and avoid the car/truck lines.

For Breweries Bringing Lots of Stuff, structures, etc., download the Dock Access Map and Instructions below.

Your Load In Region is shaded area on the attached map, and the loading dock is marked with a red arrow. Load in through the correct loading dock (Map coming soon).

For those of you familiar with the convention center, the right side of this map is the Champa Street side, the left side is Welton Street, top is Speer Blvd, and bottom is 14th Street.

Each loading dock will have a dock shack/guard at the entrance. Check in with them and let them know you are dropping of for the GABF and they’ll put you in the queue to load in. Plan ahead and don’t show up at the last minute as load in on Thursday can get backed up and you may have to experience a wait to access the convention center.

Dock Access Map Coming Soon


Load Out Time: Saturday 4:30pm – 10:00pm

PLEASE READ: All teardown and load out will happen Saturday afternoon/evening starting immediately after the festival ends. You MUST BE COMPLETELY LOADED OUT by 10:00 PM on Saturday evening. This means all cars/trucks must be off the docks by 10:00pm.

Dock Access: Trucks/Cars must check in at the Dock Shack no later than 9:15pm (same dock you used to load in – as above). The earlier you load out, the less mayhem you are bound to run into.

Prep before you get to the dock: Collect all of your booth materials at your booth space before bringing your car to the dock. Cars/Trucks will not be allowed to sit at the dock while you pack up your booth materials at your booth – have this done before you bring your vehicle.