Ways to Participate

Brewery Booth

Join your peers in the craft beer with a festival brewery booth. Get your brands in front of more than 40,000 adoring fans over the course of four sessions. You will have the opportunity to serve up to five beers via draught or packaged product from your space, and the opportunity to serve one additional packaged Non-alcohol and/or “beyond beer” product (Seltzer, Cider, Hard Kombucha). Only beer containing alcohol may be served via draught at brewery booths. Breweries wishing to serve more than one Non-alcohol or “beyond beer” product can substitute those products (packaged only) for standard beer entries during the registration process.

We make the process as easy as possible by providing access to the MicroStar keg program for no-cost access to kegs for festival beers. We also work to alleviate shipping costs for your festival beers by providing over 25 different festival beer drop-off points that will consolidate your beer shipments and send them to the festival on your behalf.

Sign up to pour your amazing beverages at an inline booth located in one of the five experience areas or at a Meet The Brewer booth during the early registration window (May 14-June 3) and enjoy the following benefits:

  • ·A FREE inline booth or Meet the Brewer inline booth with a 6’ (inline) or 8’ (Meet The Brewer) table (a $250 value).
  • Includes four (free) brewery badges (7 for Meet the Brewer spaces) for your brewery reps to work the booth.
  • ·One FREE GABF 2024 competition entry (a $185 value).
  • That’s $435 in savings!

Volunteer Servers

Want to have a booth presence at GABF but can’t afford to take time away from the brewery? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our more than 4,000 happy, friendly, beer-loving volunteers are ready to pour at your booth!

Meet The Brewer Booth

A Meet The Brewer space gives your brewery staff the opportunity to interact directly with your fans. Meet The Brewer booths are provided with larger pouring spaces and additional credentials to accommodate more brewery staff. These spaces are required to have members of the brewery team pouring your beers at all times. Available to BA members only.

  • Registration cost includes a 8′ pouring table and up to 7 festival badges for booth staff. Meet the Brewer booths should be staffed with brewery representatives at all times.

Featured Brewery Booth

Is your brewery ready to step up your marketing efforts and promote your brand to the largest, most receptive beer enthusiast audience found anywhere in North America? GABF offers a Featured Craft Brewery Sponsorship that will elevate your brewery’s profile.

Included with a Featured Craft Brewery sponsorship package is a 10’ x 10’ booth space, electronic banner(s) within the festival hall, all-access sponsor badges, extra tickets for your staff, clients or customers, and your brewery’s logo highlighted as a sponsor on all related festival collateral.

This sponsorship opportunity will help your brewery reach and influence festival attendees, as well as brand your brewery’s name with the most prestigious beer festival in the country.

Sponsorship opportunities for the 2024 Great American Beer Festival are open! Please complete this form if interested.

VIP Experience

Also known as PAIRED, this popular two-evening, limited-capacity event unites independent craft breweries with acclaimed chefs from across the country to celebrate the intricacies and possibilities of pairing beer and food. VIP ticket holders will enjoy uniquely designed small bites perfectly paired with craft beer found nowhere else at the festival.

Donate Your Beer

Not able to commit to a pouring booth at the festival this year? There are many other ways to have your beer featured at the festival. Learn more here.