Press Release: 2013 Awards Ceremony

252 Medals Awarded, 230 First-Time Participants Compete

The 2013 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competition awarded 252 medals to some of the best commercial breweries in the United States, including GABF Pro-Am medals.

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Brewers Support Flood Victims

Water is an element of contradictions. It is essential for life—and beer—but it quickly becomes a deadly force when unchecked and overwhelming. Many on the Colorado Front Range learned this firsthand in September as a 100-year flood rampaged through the region’s steep mountain canyons and broad swaths of high prairie.

The area is home to about 35 breweries, not including Denver. Remarkably, none have reported significant damage from the flooding. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t rocked by the disaster’s impact, and many of their employees found themselves evacuated from homes. Some won’t even have homes when roads are rebuilt and they return.

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Taste, Listen and Learn

With more than 3,000 beers to choose from at the festival, you’re bound to find a flavor that amazes—or perplexes—you. There are many brewers around the hall, serving beers and answering questions. However, if you’re the type to pore over a course catalog before the semester begins, you’ll probably appreciate the Brewers Studio, You be the Judge and Beer & Food Pavilions.

Each pavilion offers a full schedule of talks featuring craft beer luminaries and experts discussing a range of topics, from barrel aging to beer and cheese pairing.

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The Long Road to the Festival

Texas brewer will bicycle from Austin to Denver to benefit Pints for Prostates

Davis Tucker’s 1,400-mile road trip to the Great American Beer Festival® (GABF) isn’t the farthest a brewer will travel to attend this year’s event. But it will certainly be the hardest. Davis will tackle a circuitous route—by bike—from Austin, Tex. to Denver.

The project, 1,400 Miles Beyond Beer–Craft and Community, didn’t start with a bike. It actually started with a bus. For years, Davis and his brewery, North by Northwest, drove their “Beerliner” to Denver for GABF. Unfortunately, this converted school bus he describes as “a rolling ambassador for Texas craft Read More

2012 Photo Gallery

We could go on and on about all the fun things to see, do and drink at the Great American Beer Festival, but we can’t capture the spirit of the event without photos. If you’re thinking about joining us in Denver this year, have a gander at last year’s DRAFT magazine photo gallery or look at some of the other photos below to see what’s in store. Caution: these images are not suitable for anyone who is acutely allergic to fun, silliness, costumes or beards!

Additional Photos from the 2012 Festival

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3 Days, 600 Breweries, 2,800+ Beers

Simply put, there’s going to be a lot of beer at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), and lots of fun people to enjoy it with. Look at it this way, the only mathematical way to try each beer over the course of four GABF sessions is to taste 700 ounces of beer per session—that’s almost five and a half gallons, which is neither humanly possible, nor acceptable. Come on people, Savor the Flavor Responsibly!

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The Chance of a Lifetime

It seems fitting that, in its 30th year, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) not only beat its sell-out record, it blew it out of the water! No one expected the festival, which in 2011 has 51 times the number of beers it did in 1982, would see such an overwhelming level of interest from attendees around the world—enough so that tickets sold out in one week.

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